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Our Animals

In addition to our range of holiday homes we also have a range of... animals from ferrets to alpacas, all of which have their own personalities and quirks. We love them all and we're sure that you will too.

Our Animals


  • Fidel our male alpaca was born on 9 July 2009 and is best friends with Lilly the goat as they live together at the entrance of the park. Alpacas originate from Peru, in Western South America. Alpaca wool is used to make a range of items from sweaters to hats and gloves. Alpacas are tidy animals that like to keep all their dung in one pile - because of this some have even been successfully house-trained!

Fidel, the Alpaca


  • Lilly our pygmy goat lives with Fidel the alpaca in the pen near the front of the park. Lilly recently gave birth to two healthy female goats, so if your visiting soon be sure to look out for them! Pygmy is a breed of minature domestic goat. They originate in the Cameroon Valley of West Africa. Pygmy's have a good natured personality, they are friendly and hardy animals.

Lilly the goat


  • Eddie is a male ferret he is very tame and really likes doing tricks but doesn’t like to be picked up. He might look a little mean in his picture, but he's very friendly. Ferrets have an average length of 20 inches and have a natural life span of 7-10 years. Ferrets spend 14-18 hours a day asleep and are mostly active around the hours of dawn and dusk.

eddie the ferre

Jacob Sheep

  • All of our sheep are a rare breed know as Jacob, the flock consists of 12 sheep and three rams (Buster, Bruce, Buzby). The sheep really like feeding time and new visitors. Buster the ram got his name after we invited visitors to the park to suggest a name for him when he first came to us. Unfortunately (for them!), the rams don't get to spend the whole of the year with the other sheep.
Click to view a video of our lambs
Jacob Sheep & LambsOur Jacob SheepBuster the Jacob Ram
A Newly born Lamb with her mumJacob LambJacob Lamb

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